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Ear Microsuction

Need your earwax removed?

Do your ears feel blocked, or a feeling of fullness?  or muffled hearing?

Do you have a ringing sound in your ears (tinnitus)?

Do you have hearing difficulties or muffled hearing?

Ear Wax is a common cause, and sometimes hard or stubborn wax needs to be removed by a professional using a procedure called microsuction.

Kepple Lane Pharmacy offer microsuction earwax removal services by our trained and accredited Pharmacist.


How much does ear wax removal cost?

Our prices start at £60 this includes the following:

  • Ear examination including photos and videos of both ears.
  • Removal of excess ear wax from both ears
  • Hearing screening test to check how well you can hear


If there is no ear wax, we only charge £30 for an ear health check and hearing screen test.

We strongly recommend using Olive Oil Ear Spray daily for 2-5 days before the appointment for a successful ear wax removal.

Sometimes a second visit is required for stubborn wax, and this is included within the £60 price.

If further appointments after a second appointment are required for microsuction an additional charge if £25 is required per 30minutes session.

If anything, unusual is discovered in the consultation we have access to ENT specialists and can request advice and guidance at no extra charge

What is microsuction earwax removal?

Microsuction earwax removal uses a vacuum to gently remove any excess wax from your ears. It’s one of the most effective services for cleaning your ears and is carried out by our accredited Audiology Professional.

What to expect at your appointment?

Prior to attending your appoinment we reccomend using Olive Oil or Spray twice a day for 3-5 days before the appointment, this helps removing hardened wax. At your appointment our trained audiology professional will first go through a list of medical questions with you. This is to understand whether there are any medical reasons why microsuction might not be right for you. The clinician will outline any risks to having the procedure performed before checking that you are happy to proceed.
The clinician will then have a look in your ears using an video otoscope performing a ear examination after this will assess and discuss if there is a need for microsuction 

If the wax is soft, the clinician will gently insert the suction tube and probe into your ear to remove the wax.

To ensure a successful microsuction procedure please ensure you use olive oil spray (Earol) or drops 2-3 days before the appointment.


If the wax is too hard to remove, we will advise you to use wax softening drops such as olive oil or sodium bicarbonate before booking you in for a second appointment to remove the wax.